What can I do to keep snakes out of my basement?

Harrisburg snake

Keeping Snakes Out of the Basement
Finding a snake in your basement is a scary experience. It can cause trouble for you and put you, and others, at risk. Whether you have found one already or you want to avoid that from happening entirely, you need to know how to secure your basement. Without proper securing, your basement is at risk of attracting snakes. Snakes, like any animal, will go to shelter. If your basement is accessible to them, and they like what they see, they are going to enter. Secure your property properly and make sure no snake can enter. It may take some time, but it is worth it to keep your basement safe.

Check for Access Points
If a snake gets in, it gets in somewhere. There is a hole or an open point where the snake can enter. So long as that access point remains, snakes can continue to enter. The same snake can enter and leave through it all it wants, too. Look through the entire basement for any potential access points. Look outside and around the property, too. You want to look for damage, holes, or open areas where a snake can fit. The size of the hole depends on the size of the snake. Snakes can fit through some tiny holes, but they do come in various sizes. Try to look for anything that appears big enough to fit a snake, or a specific size of snake if you have seen one on your property already.

Keep Attractions Clear
Snakes go where there is food and shelter. So long as they can find either, they are going to go there. If you have anything that attracts them on your property, and you know snakes are in the area, you can bet that they will be there. Maintain your yard to keep out snakes. It keeps out their food, rodents, too, making it is a win for you in all ways. Without the food or shelter, snakes are not going to enter your property. If they do, they are not going to stay long. They require, at minimum, some form of shelter for wherever they stay. Do not give that to them. Keeping snakes out of your basement is doable. With some securing and maintenance, you can make sure that snakes do not enter your property and that, if they do, they do not stick around for long.

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